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International Triathlon Union - News Feed

  • Theresa Harper wins 2020 World Triathlon Women’s Committee Award of Excellence

    Theresa Harper of St. Croix, one of the US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, Vice President of VI TRI, is the winner of this year’s World Triathlon Women’s Committee Award of Excellence for her remarkable efforts promoting equal opportunity for women to participate in all aspects of the sport of triathlon in the Virgin Islands, part of World Triathlon’s commitment to equality in the sport.

    VI TRI, is a non-profit organisation that plan and deliver the St. Croix Triathlon, known as the Beauty and The Beast Triathlon.

    Theresa has served as Secretary General for the Virgin Islands Cycling Federation...

  • Marisol Casado re-elected as President of World Triathlon

    Marisol Casado has received the overwhelming support of the organisation’s National Federation members participating at the XXXIII World Triathlon Congress and elections, winning the Presidential election by 86 votes against 43 of her opponent Mads Freund, from Denmark. The elections came to a close on Sunday evening, with 136 National Federations voting. A week of meetings covering all aspects of triathlon governance was held virtually for the first time, concluding with elections for all positions within the sport’s governing body.

    “I am delighted to receive this vote of confidence from our members that is an acknowledgment of all the hard...

  • World Triathlon adds more events to the 2021 season calendar

    With Members of World Triathlon getting ready for the upcoming Congress, we would like to announce further dates and events that have been added to the schedule for the ever-growing calendar of the 2021 season.

    World Triathlon Cups

    The postponed Miyazaki 2020 World Cup, due to take place last October, has now been added to the 2021 calendar, with the Japanese city hosting a World Triathlon Cup twice in the same year: first on March 20-21, and then on October 23-24. Addition to that, Weihai (China) has been confirmed for the weekend of September 25-26.

    This leaves the 2021 World Triathlon...

  • Committees and Commissions show great progress of World Triathlon in 2020

    During a week of virtual meetings of all 12 of the World Triathlon Committees and Commissions before Sunday’s Congress, a picture has been painted of a sport striving to move forward and a triathlon family still positive as it emerges from a difficult year. The meetings, attended by dozens of National Federations from all five continents, covered every aspect of World Triathlon governance and finance, while further Continental Confederation meetings will take place this weekend.

    “The fact World Triathlon is finishing 2020 with such a positive financial and structural outlook is thanks to responsible governance, diligence and a lot of...

  • IOC Executive Board rejects complaint against World Triathlon and its President

    The IOC Executive Board has announced their decision of the IOC Ethics Commission regarding the complaint filed by the five Members of the World Triathlon Tribunal against Marisol Casado, President; Antonio F. Arimany, Secretary General and Bernard Saint-Jean, Chair of the Legal & Constitution Committee.
    Based on the recommendations of the IOC Ethics Commission, the IOC EB decided to reject the complaint against World Triathlon, which is outside the scope of application of the IOC Ethics Commission and the IOC; and reject the complaint against Mrs Marisol Casado, IOC Member, as no breach of the IOC’s ethical principles...

  • Historical results record building on World Triathlon legacy

    This year there has been major development to collect historical World Triathlon data and manually work through the archives of results, some of which are handwritten or marked on fax paper, to verify and update the official results online.

    This database of reported results, available on, includes historical World Triathlon Championships result, with all categories listed.

    World Triathlon Sports Results Director Enrique Quesada and the Sports team have been working diligently on this research task, validating the World Triathlon data and recording the historical results on the website.

    In addition to the efforts of Enrique Quesada and his team of specialists to...

  • Triathlon Asia is looking for a Development Coordinator

    The Asia Triathlon is looking for a part-time or project based development coordinator with the ability to promote the sport development of the Triathlon and related multi-sports in the Asia region.

    Position: Asia Triathlon Development Coordinator
    Salary/contractor fee: TBD
    Location: Asia
    Reports to: Asia Triathlon Executive Board
    Start Date: January 2021

    About the Asia Triathlon Development Coordinator’s Roles
    - The Asia Triathlon Development Coordinator works under the direction of the Executive Board of the Asia Triathlon and will closely cooperate with World Triathlon Development.
    - He/she will administer and manage the development programs/projects defined within the Asia Triathlon’s Strategic...